Peoria Slab Leak Company

Here in Arizona, water is a very valuable resource. And yet, water leaks are a problem that causes tens of thousands of gallons per year to be wasted. With growing concerns over drought and rising water costs, it’s important to get any leaks fixed in a timely manner to save you money and prevent long term damage.

At King Charles, our team has fixed hundreds of slab leaks across the valley and we are ready to take on whatever problems we are faced with. In most cases, our specialists can even fix your slab leak without ever opening up your floor.

Signs of a slab leak

Most homes in Arizona are built on a concrete slab with the water pipes ran underneath. Slab leaks occur below your home where the water pipes are ran, so finding a slab leak isn’t as simple as checking for water, because in many cases gravity will take the water down further.

So how can you know if you have a slab leak?

  • High water bill
  • Hot or cold spots in your floor
  • Water or moisture around the perimeter of your home
  • Cracks in your drywall
  • Wet floor
  • If you hear water running when nothing is turned on

Call King Charles to find out how we can diagnose and repair your slab leak, reduce your water bill, and protect your home today!