Peoria Pressure Regulator Installation and Replacement

Water pressure regulators, AKA pressure reducing valves, are used to automatically reduce the incoming water pressure from the city to a lower, safer pressure for residential use. This pressure regulation will ensure that your home’s plumbing system and appliances operate safely and effectively, increasing their average lifespan.

Why does the city provide water pressure that is too high? It sure would be nice if the pressure could come to your home at the appropriate pressure, but the laws of physics simply won’t allow for that. Water has weight to it, so it requires higher pressure to be delivered to higher altitude properties, thereby forcing the city to increase the pressure so that everyone has access to their water.

Installing a water pressure regulator / pressure reducing valve (PRV) is very important if your water pressure ever goes above 80 psi. When the pressures reach that high, it’s a lot like having high blood pressure – it may not cause any issues in the short term, but in the long term it’s not good! High water pressure can cause pipe leaks, pipe bursts, supply line failure, and premature appliance failure.

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